Project Description

FOB Qingdao Price$6500-7500/Set
Lead time15 days
Warranty12 Months

Copper Busbar Bending Machine is a special machine for cutting, bending, and punching on aluminum and copper bus bars.

copper busbar bending machine

  • Main features for Copper Busbar Bending Machine:

It combines punching, bending and cutting together as well as some other functions such as embossing, twisting, flattening, pressing tie-in, etc.

Three electric motors and pumps make sure that workers can operate the cutting unit, punching unit, and bending unit at the same time.

copper busbar bending machine

1. Cutting unit: it uses punch shearing, the incision interface is flat, no droop and burrs and waste, beautiful shape.

2. Punching unit: uses a united four/six/eight-mode turn plate in tooth shape to make sure the upper mold and the lower mold are absolutely in the same center, improving the mold concentricity and lengthening the working life. The turnplate is in tooth shape with good view and high strength. No need to frequently change molds, labor intensity is highly reduced. It is easy and quick to use.

Producing efficiency is obviously higher than a traditional one.

Newest Update:add a table with ruler on punching unit, it is much easier to confirm punching position.

(3)Bending unit:

CNC PLC control system, just input an angle on the touch screen, it can be bending automatically. Angle bending accuracy: +/- 1°

‚double worktable. ensures three-unit can real working at the same time.

copper busbar bending machine


Technical Parameter for Copper Busbar Bending Machine

PunchingMax power (KN)300
Punching Diameter (mm)Ф4.3-Ф25
Max thickness (mm)12
Max width (mm)160
ShearingMax thickness (mm)12
Max width (mm)160
BendingMax power (KN)300
Max width (mm)160
Max thickness (mm)12
Vertical BendingMax width (mm)100(10mm thick copper)
Min. bending angle degree90°
Pressing Cable Joint
Outline Dimensions1300x1000x900
Main motor power (KW)3×4
No.Name Unit Quantity
1Busbar machineSet1
2Operation instructionbook1
4Punching moldSets6
5Cutting mold(installed in machine)Set1
6Bending moldSets3 (R3,R5,R10)

Busbar thickness below 4mm,

suggest use R3;

5-10MM use R5;

above 10MM use R10

7Embossing moldSet1
8Foot-touch switchPCS3
9inner hexagon spannerSet1
10spanner 27-30PC1
11Sealing ringWrap1
12oil fillerPC1
13oil filler pipePC1
14oil gunPC1
15Location magnetism seatPC2
16Nuts and bolts of bottomPC4
17Location needlePC1

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