Project Description

wire winding machine is a very popular machine that can wind a wide range of HV coils for distribution transformers using round and rectangular conductors.


winding host

automatic wire guide traversing mechanism

insulation strip decoiler

insulation strip guider

round wire decoiler

Two axis flat wire decoiler with air brake

PLC control

Operation touch screen

Pneumatic system and foot pedal

The insulation strip guider device is equipped with a magnetic powder clutch to provide tension, The tension is can meet different specifications of paper width.

Adopt servo motor and PLC control system, High-definition touch operation screen displays and realizes man-machine dialogue, Imported ball screw drive and linear guide rail are used to meet the accuracy of paper guide function.

When in use, the insulating paper tube is installed into the air expansion shaft and tightened is ok.

Adjust the tension of the magnetic powder clutch through the tension controller according to the required tension.

The Paper wheels can be adjusted up and down.

The wire wheel of the wire decoiler provides tension through the disc air brake, The tension can be adjusted through the pressure regulating valve on the operation panel.

The round wire reel is placed under the horn cover, The round wire goes through the horn cover, Felt,The wire passing wheel then goes to the wire guider shaft for automatic guiding.

Main performance index of wire winding machine:

  1. This machine adopts a hard fabric gear mechanical speed change system, efficient, The noise is less than 60db.
  2. The motor has a variable frequency braking function, Sensitive and reliable.
  3. Electrically adopts inverter step-less speed regulation, Controlled by the frequency converter, So start and the braking state is adjustable, Making it suitable for the best condition of winding.
  4. It has the function of automatic wire guiding and paper guiding.
  5. Adopt servo motor and PLC control system, High-definition touch operation screen displays and realizes man-machine dialogue, It adopts imported ball screw drive and linear guide to meet the accuracy of the wire guiding.
  6. Through a high-precision servo system and dedicated circuit, Make automatic wire guiding, Automatic paper guiding, and winding are synchronized.
  7. The desktop control box is located on the upper part of the winding main box, Easy to use, simple, The interface is clear.

SHUOHAO also offers a whole paper insulation coil winding machine, foil winding machine and busbar machine.

 No.Product nameSpecification
2Max. Loading Weight(kg)1000
3Spindle speed(r/min)0~300
4Spindle center height H(mm)850
5Moving support telescopic length of tail box(mm)0~100
6Motor Power(kW)4
7Distance between spindle box and tail box center L(mm)1300
8Operating Voltage AC (V)380±10%
  • USD15,000 – 20,000 / Set FOB QINGDAO
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Shipping: Support Sea
  • lead Time: 30 DAYS for 1 Set
  • Warranty: 1 Year