Project Description

Silicon core cutting Line is full CNC control equipment manufactured by our factory, it is a full automatic transformer steel core shearing equipment researched and developed by us completely referring to importing equipment. the control and driving system is the famous European automatic product supplier B&R. AC servo system is POWERLINK whole line control for material feeding, guide location, material folding system, and punching&shearing structure. Inputting and output is controlled by distributed IO of X2X whole line control. Less wire connecting, improve the stabilization of the system.

Silicon steel sheet horizontal shearing line instruction:

This machine is professional equipment for silicon steel sheet shearing in the transformer and reactor. It is high automatically and can shear the steel core of the transformer with high precision and efficiency.

2, the configuration of Silicon core cutting Line 

2-1,  1 pc of dual-head unreeling machine system (manual/hydraulic for choice, frequency control, full automatic rolling),

2-2,  1 set of servo material feeding system(full-closed loop control, high efficiency, high precision)

2-3,  1 set of punching machines with O-type,

2-4,  1 set of punching machine with V-type, horizontal forwarder stepping by the servo.

2-5,  1 ser of 45° shearing machine.

2-6,  1 set of 90° shearing machine (45°swing shear).

2-7,  1 set of 135°shearing machine.

2-8,  1 set of material divided system.

2-9,  1 set of material sorting system (servo location, magnetic adsorption reversed sorting).

2-10,  1 set of dual-layer unreeling handbarrow.

2-11,  1 set of the control cabinet, 1 set of control screen(English language).

2-12,  1 set of pneumatic system.

3, HJ-400 shearing machine main characteristics and specification:

Shearing width40-440
Shearing length400-2500
Shearing thickness0.20-0.35
Precision of shearing length±0.1mm/2000
Burr of shearing≤0.02mm
Shearing angle precision±0.025°
Max. speed of material feeding0-240m/min
Shearing time of each time≤0.20s
Accumulated steps1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,
Life of shearing moldhard alloy shearing knife, longer than 1,200,000 shearing times.
Human-computer interfaceTouching screen

4, Function characteristic

4-1, this equipment can manufacture folded steel sheet type full oblique connecting steel core, in the process of manufacture, it is divided grade automatically according to the setting.

4-2, shearing power: adopting an electric shearing machine, compared with the pneumatic shearing machine, higher speed, lower noise, longer using life, less maintenance.

4-3, adopting AC synchronous servo motor, full-closed loop control, quick response, high location accuracy, and longer using life.

4-4, guide location: servo motor drag ball screw linear guide central location, quick location, accurate, convenient remember guide width automatically.

4-5, working control: the controller is advanced PCC, and the communication technology is Ethernet Powerlink. Reducing wire connecting, improving the system reliability, stability, and real-time. it can be remote-controlled and fault diagnosis. Maintenance time and cost can be reduced highly.

4-6, material sorting method: adopting the reverse material sorting method, can make longer sheet material orderly, with little vibration, max. reducing orientation of the magnetic effect of silicon steel sheet in the processing procedure.

4-7, using life assurance: all of this machine’s standard accessories are imported or famous domestic parts like the linear guide, ball screw, and all kinds of bearing. The basic accessories processing and installation is high precision, maximum enlarging this equipment using life.

Total power: 25KW; Weight: 14 tons; Size: 15m x 2m x 2m

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