Automatic high speed winders

It is designed for high-speed coil winding, the GRX max. speeds up to 600 RPM. Loading capacity from 100kg-1000kg. It is controlled by PLC, With a Touch Screen to program all winding parameters easily.

Light Duty Coil Winder

It is designed for light-duty coil winding,  Loading capacity from 1000kg-3000kg.  With a Touch Screen to show winding status.

Foil Winding Machine

BRJ Foil Winding Machine is ideal for the winding of LV foil.  Suitable for Foil Width from 500mm-1600mm.  With Wide Touch Screen to Program All Your Required Parameters Easliy.

Busbar Punching Cutting Bending Machine

ZTMX Seris Busbar Machine is designed for cutting, bending, punching on copper, or aluminum busbar.  Bending Unit controlled by PLC ensures accurate bending angle, with Touch Screen, Just program your required parameter on it. with 6 turret Punch Mold.